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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  January 23, 2013 12:00am-1:00am PST

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antiabortion movie and she when she got pregnant as a teen with justin bieber was pressured to have an abortion and she did not. she just wants to let young women out there know that there is a place to go, a crisis pregnancy center. so there is an option. without it, she is sending a message to a lot of young girls, you wouldn't have your "baby, baby, baby. ♪ >> eric: robert, you are up. >> bob: this singing does it. along the fun show two people were accidentally shot at a gun show in north carolina in honor of fun appreciation day. they were shot because they were going through a safety check. during the safety check, two people got shot and sent to the hospital. good news it's legal in north carolina to do this kind of thing. there is a g.o.p. senator republican legislator who said guns are essential to live in the way god intended. now you want to know why we think fun nuts are nutty? freddie you should do how many people were shot in chicago at
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the same time. do a funny accent from the -- >> bob: you know what? >> greg: do the accent. >> eric: somebody call the police, obama is on fire is welcome to "red eye." for a pre game report, let's go to andy levy. what is coming up to today's show? >> are humans a playing that will lead to the extinction of all life on earth? more tonight at 11:00. and tbofler phil mickelson races some eyebrows about his promise on taxes. why lefty sounds like a righty. and finally are teens who listen to heavy metal music more likely to be law lung went? delinquent? some say yes and others say no. >> thank you, andy. >> you disgust me as always. >> nothing new. go away.
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>> let's welcome our guest. she is so hot you can fry an egg on her face. it is patti ann browne. and he is so funny he sneezes confetti. it is the creator director of thing and in france he is considered a cheese plate. it is my sidekick, bill schulz. and if hilarity was a bowling ball i would finger him every friday night. you can see him at the american comedy company this san diego, california this friday and saturday. his latest comedy cd is called "no baby for you." and you can't believe a word published by this turd. good to see you, pinch. >>- q. they asked the question, besides torture, what else did "zero dark 30" get wrong? [inaudible] is not a town. and osama bin laden's middle name is not dese nuts.
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>> i saw it and none of that is not in the movie. >> they say artistic license. there is a sleeve about me. >> a block. the lead. that's the first story. >> sph we have the wherewith all, should we make a knee an deer that will -- a neanderthal? it is a scandal rocking the ivy league. they told a german newspaper, quotes, i can create a neanderthal baby if i can find a willing woman. the story blew up on the internet, but he says he was miss interpreted. the jennette tau cyst claims he is not looking for a lady to give birth to a cave baby with dna from proto man with bones. but he did acknowledge that such a cloning might be possible some day. and thanks to scientists, computer assisted reconstruction, we now have an idea of what neanderthals
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might look like. of course. it was going to be robin williams looking hairy. let's go to "red eye" science reporter live in cambridge, massachusetts. >> wow. >> that was beautiful. i didn't expect to get that much of a payoff from that, but i am happy. here is my problem, challenge, weirdness. say we clone these humans where will this lead for men like you? >> it is obvious what it will do is save us a big bundle on prostitution. why don't you start with neanderthal, you beg dope? you big dope. everybody is thinking
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neanderthal baby, joe. >> first of all -- >> wow, that is impressive. >> is your back like that? >> no comment. >> i tell you i think this has a lot of potential. the two things you like to hear from scientists is playing god and searching for willing women. they always 2 well no matter what. >> this is clearly -- this is his bar line. he is going into bars and talking to women and saying something like you wouldn't believe what i'm working on. i am looking for somebody who is willing to take part in an experiment. >> you have a huge birth canal. >> the only way this is going to work is if i inspect you.
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>> it is a disgusting but brilliant strategy. imagine the thrill of being part of science. >> it is going to stop there. i figure maybe you might accept it as a patriotic person. >> it is intriguing and extremely creepy. obviously it is dr. morrow all over again. >> is that the guy from general hospital? >> 30,000-year-old immune system. it is a bad idea. >> when you put it that way, it is hilarious. you can place bets on how quick it is going to die. >> we are calling it an it like it is a science experiment. we are talking about a living creature. >> really, are we? are we talking about a living creature? >> you know, you could create a new division of oppressed people because they are going to be oppressed. the scary thing is they can also beat us up. it is almost like you are
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creating a legion of dumb jocks and that is not good. this is depressing because this proto human pal will also look down on you. >> i hope you mean he will be taller. >> no it means you will be inferior. >> spare me all of these moralistic people saying don't play god. they have been extinct. this is awesome. everyone can't wait to see these guys whether you throw them in the zoo or you make them a super trooper in afghanistan. also neander-baby, awesome reality tv show. it can be a saturday morning cartoon show. adorable both ways. you are all i idiots. i read a lot. >> no one says that. >> you know who hates me? andy levy because he is sitting there and waiting to say that.
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>> is that like when somebody is here and we say abetza, but in london it is abetha. >> i think it is abetha, but or was it that one guest had a speech impediment. >> and we will create a new niche for neanderthal pornography. >> and some people say niche and some say niche. >> i love neanderthal prostitutes are horrible at negotiating. they say how about $10 and i say how about $2 and they say $1. >> you never change. you are always trying to think of how to get the prostitute to leave. >> with some of my money in my hand. >> and you are thinking the first thing.
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>> from cloning to killing. will our boom lead to doom? the world's population is growing briskly and every day dozens of baby are born nationwide or worldwide even. and according to a i'm fame -- to a famous british broadcaster, they are threatening our own existence. said in an interview we are a playing -- we are a plague on the earth. it is not just climate change. it is shear space. places to grow food for this enormous ford. either we live in our population growth or the natural world will do it for us and the natural world is doing it for us right now. they are best known for the life series on the bbc. i believe we have a clip.
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>> wow. he is eating walnuts. they love those walnuts. >> it would be better if it was pay -- paoti. >> these aren't the right questions. you have children. >> i have one child. i have one baby. >> well maybe it is one too many. are you thrusting this person on a planet when it is already busting with too many people. do you feel guilty about this? >> no, i don't feel guilty. i actually agree. i would start with the wiping out the people who pronounce it neandertal. >> so you want to wipe out knowledge, that's great. that's real great. you will be an awesome father. >> kill the smart people first. >> that's usually how it goes, isn't it? >> i haven't wiped out many people in some time.
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pab, you were saying in the green room poor people should only be sterilized because they are dirty. i was surprised you said that. >> what? you are a monster. >> i don't think so. i don't recall that actually. he said the big problem is we don't have the land to grow the food we need to feed the people. vegetarians would point out that a vegetarian diet requires a fraction of the farmland that you need to feed the animals that you are going to kill for meat and everything. is he a vegetarian? no. he is not. >> by the way, the guys that push for this stuff, they never chit suicide. this never commit suicide. >> he could have made the point at the last ep side. like -- episode like it is too crowded. i kid, sir richard. >> the whole thing is a ruse anyway. he doesn't care about population control.
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>> i think it is beyond the reproductive age. >> you never know. >> there are plenty of other reasons to trick her into doing that. it is not just reproducing. >> you 8 sexually -- asexually reproduce. >> i am making me right now in the green room. he is at your home. he is absolutely right. if you don't think he is right, go walk around time square for five minutes. >> that's not science. >> you go around there and you see how low we suck. i want to go there with a garbage bag full of condoms and throw them at people and say stop it! >> we had the same thing and it was the population bomb in the 1970s. the whole world is going to end. this guy has been saying it forever. we always find new ways to feed people. china was in terrible poverty and now they are not. it is people who hang around nature. the more people that hang around nature the more they hate people. that's my theory. >> go to time square and we
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can find new ways to not feed people. there will be more room if they didn't look the way they did. >> terrible. absolutely terrible. i agree with you on time square though. >> from uh pokes to attacks has phil had his fill? does mickelson not want to pay another nickel, son? phil mickelson caused a stir on sunday after hinting he might leave his home state of california or even retire because of high taxes. said phil, quote, if you add up all of the federal and -- there is something missing there -- and you look at the disability and unemployment and social security in the state, my tax rate is 62, 63%. i have to make some decisions on what i'm going to do. it is estimated that mickelson is worth at least $7 trillion dollars and he claims he is being hit hard by changes to the tax law saying there are going to be drastic changes for me because i happen to be in that zone. on monday he apologized
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without backtracking the statement. finances and taxes are a personal matter and i should not have made my opinions on the public. i apologize to those i upset and insulted and i inintend not to let it happen again. all of this raises the question can horses open blocked doors? >> i heard you audibly express some kind of sound of disgust. he apologized before he heard there is a complaint. >> that's why he chokes every tournament. he has no backbone. sorry if i uh febded anybody -- offended anybody talking about taxes. who cares? >> we now have a preemptive apology that is the new apology. joe, you said in the green room this is the fault of our
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marxist kenyan president and he should be impeached. i am surprised you said that. >> what? >> no, i believe that. >> his name is -- well you know his name. his name is barak hussein obama. >> i am amazed to see any news store where golfers are associated with wealth or money. that's not anything you tend to -- >> but i think that was in that i couldn't careless about any element of what he believes and what he thinks. i'm sorry. this segment i am protesting the rest of the segment. >> you continue. you can't. >> do you know how many stories i have done that i hated? >> phil mickelson says i want to say something. who writes it down? >> pab, does this show how scared the rich who are basically the best people in society have become of being tormented for just being successful? he was afraid of being attacked for saying that he did well and didn't want to
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pay all of that money to the government. aren't you on his side? >> i am kind of, yes. i feel like first of all he wasn't really trying to make a political statement. he was more just thinking out loud like what is in your future? i am paying all of these taxes and i would like to move someplace i can pay less. i don't think he meant to push a political agenda. i think he was just blurting it out and it ended up being political obviously. >> you know what the bottom line is? taxes are driving people out of california. that's what is happening. >> he stated a fact, and also he is considering buying into part of the sabres and then he didn't . what team was he going to buy into? >> the padres. they are nicknamed the sabres, the sabre rattlers, the padres. >> and then he pulled out and he said too much tax. >> i never paid taxes in my life.
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>> they will never find you. >> you seemed like you were about to say something. >> just what a weasle this guy is. he complains and then says i'm sorry if i bothered you. >> he is on the california tourism bo erred which we found out after doing "the five" so he didn't want to bite -- you can't say i am leaving california if you are in the latest commercial for the california tourism board. bill, do you pay taxes on your income which are basically scraps is of meat you find in the green room? >> you guys pay taxes so i can live off this meat. and thank you, all of you for that. >> are you a taker. >> i eat my food stamps because they don't have instructions. this guy did this because of quiter. when people say something the feedback is instantaneous. it doesn't matter if we didn't hear it. he said that and i guarantee you immediately he started getting getting -- people were
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quoting him and then hash tag white people problems or hash tag rich people complaining. >> and he got a call from a sponsor saying have you seen twitter? if you ignore that thing in the sky the internet thing. >> or if you have a back backbone. >> tiger woods said the same thing. he said that's why he moved out of california to florida. i made that up. >> i think he was talking about a different polling. >> bill, he is trying to make his marriage work according to the qat enquirer." >> is an on site gun factory in your best interest? patti ann browne discusses her latest book. first, what is kathy lee saying about her drinking pack scandal? i don't know i will wake her up when i get home. for the new mattress models,
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lie? will -- well, kathie lee gifford was seen siping down wine after they vowed to give up alcohol for the month of january. they didn't say what year though. the fourth hour co-host left off the wagon in front of a bunch of nbc colleagues during the media hangout. says a buzz killing mark, people cooperate believe it. kathyly was having shard nay in front of all of the people on "today" after she just said she wasn't drinking for a month. on tuesday they called in to address this scandal. >> i guess they took it on.
12:23 am
some people thought when we said we wouldn't be drinking for a month, some thought it was at all. we would never agree to that. >> we are not crazy. >> why didn't you agree to nothing. >> we would not drink on the show. >> that's an hour a day of not drinking. >> that's so true. >> i love that show. >> they couldn't do an hour. >> buddy the bulldog would never give up the blues. >> ♪ i'm gonna do myself real good ♪ >> i hope that dog is all right. i thought it was adorable the first time and then i am looking at it. i thought if you have to make a no drinking pact, do you have a drinking issue? >> what a lush. i love the fact that they made an issue over it.
12:24 am
isn't it 10:00 in the morning? they are just getting tanked. >> they gotta have the perfect day. there is nothing better than afternoon drinking in the city and then falling asleep at like 7:00. they wake up at like 5ing on, 4:00 in the morning -- 5:00, 4:00 in the morning and then they do it again jie. be careful with the drinking. >> pab, have you ever made a booze vow, and if so how long did you last on camera? >> actually i did it a few times for lent. itit was not just for an hour a day and i did it. i think it send a bad message. she says, well, i mean it was a book party. you have to drink during a book party. seriously? you can have a glass of apple juice. >> he is lent? is he that italian man you were dating? didn't last a month? >> are you sobered up and said ew. gross. >> nobody watches the fourth
12:25 am
hour of "today" sober. the whole point is they are tipsy and why are they fighting this? >> it is a dangerous precedent for morning tv. if this happens and they have to not drink during "today" does that mean matt lauer has to stop doing heroin live doing the show and the people on fox and friends have to stop doing acid and strangling children on the morning show? it is an important part of it. >> i think you call that the domino theory, right? >> yes. actually i don't think i have ever seen "the today show" in this hoda-kathy lee era. this is like national alcoholism. he is not able to not drink. >> it is pretty impressive. >> isn't this kind of sad? isn't this disturbing? >> it might be but i can't stop laughing. >> people will send in
12:26 am
pictures across the nation of them enjoying the show with them and they have a glass of wine. somebody like california it is like 6:00 in the morning and i'm like, what are you doing? >> they are deep in the disease. >> here is the thing that drives me nuts, besides the fact that hoda wrote a book and wasn't invited to the book party and neither were you, bill, but "red eye" we didn't even think about doing this. we assumed you couldn't do it. we are on at 3:00 a.m. and we have water on our table. >> everybody assumes we are drunk. >> we never had alcohol on this table, ever. >> no. >> why didn't we? i thought it was illegal. i thought you couldn't do it. >> i think it is frowned upon. we have to stop worrying about people frowning at us. if it is one guy going -- we should be drinking. >> frowning can be dangerous. >> you know when you are not frowning, when you are drinking, especially in the morning. >> i just think the great part of the story is she meant she was going to quit drinking and she was going to at a book
12:27 am
party. she was shaking and just needed a shooter. do you have a comment on the show? e-mail us. if you have a video of your animal doing something? go to fox eye. we might use it. still to come, the half time report from our own hoda, tv's andy levy. he is. >> tonight's half time report is sponsored by messages in a bottle. the form of communication where a message is sealed in a container and released into the ocean. thanks message in a bottle.
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let's see if we haven't gotten anything wrong so far. andy? >> how are you, greg? >> i'm doing all right. >> i'm fine, thanks. >> why should i ask? >> every damn time. i am just going keep on asking. >> then you will just keep asking. >> i am exposing what you are to our viewers much as you expose yourself to our viewers every night after the show. >> can't argue with that. >> neanderthals or as bill likes to say -- bill, let me tell you something it if you will do a t sound instead of th you should say nayandertal
12:32 am
and not neanderthal. >> good for you. >> he corrected your correction. >> that's why my name is called schulz, but i don't have a t in my name. you don't say zozart you say mozart. you say naz you say nazi. >> for the kids at home. >> also it is pronunciation and not pronounce-iation. >> greg, you said it was a scandal rocking the ivy league. >> yes. >> not really. >> they are trying to cover this thing up the best they can. he said. he said -- this guy said i want a woman to give me a neanderthal baby. he knows nobody will check the translation.
12:33 am
>> was that the catalog from "let's make a deal." >> no it is not. >> if we had a crack research staff they would go look it up and find that the translation is word for word correct. this guy was running rogue. he want a hot chick to give him a neanderthal baby and we caught him. >> it is what you referred to as a cave baby. most neanderthals live in huts. it is a hut baby. >> a hut mutt. it is a hut mutt. >> there you go. >> you know what you call a loose woman who lived in a hut? >> a hut slut. >> sexually per miss could you us with girl in a thatched roof?
12:34 am
>> i think i speak for all of our viewers when i say i am shocked you made this about prostitutes. >> it is my gift. >> quite a gift. >> you talk about cloning and. >> i just think if you are going to clone something why clone a dumb creature thing. look at it -- oh. okay get out you are annoying. >> so what you are saying is they should be cloning prostitutes? >> exactly, yes. with memories like goldfish. you can say i gave you the money and she can go, oh. >> joe, you will be happy to know scientists don't believe the nayandertals were no hair yes, sir than modern men.
12:35 am
>> why was there a clone to the prostitution? >> i was just saying -- >> you can have like a bunch of attractive women that are clones for the purpose or men of prostitution. >> yes, you can do that. >> i think there is a niche audience that would have sex with neandertals. i am all for a neandertal prostitute. >> jim, why can't it be both? >> i am not saying it can't be both. i am just saying where science should be headed and the time wasting we are doing with cloning. i think if are you going to clone something save the honest man some money. >> by the way can i make that old clicheed argument? why are they spending money on this when they can be curing real diseases like male pattern baldness. >> or cloning mammoths. >> i would do a sabre tooth tiger or something like that. that would be great. >> greg it is called science and not do what you want.
12:36 am
>> look, the guy who invented science that was his goal. hey man, i am going to do whatever i want. nobody else is doing it. what if i put a little this on that. >> and this guy wants to some day in the future clone neanderthals. >> andy, you want to look at a neandertal? look in the mirror. most people have some in them. >> 4%. not african though, europeans and asians. got anymore facts? >> thanks for making my fact better. you clearly don't have any neandertal blood in you. >> the african connection is being disputed. they thought they proved that and now they are not sure. >> there is no african connection. >> if there were asian neandertals i would definitely prostitution. >> those big hairy feet walking on your back?
12:37 am
>> why is that neandertal in a komono? >> get control of your panel. >> silence, people. >> patti ann, you said it is dr. morrow all over again. you know that is a fictional character, right? >> yes. >> just checking. >> a cautionary tale. >> andy, as you were saying on the break i hope we don't have another king kon incident. -- king kong incident. >> it will be godzilla all over again. >> what they did to japan, they learned. >> david says humans are a playing on earth. wasn't that a bough 11 do carlisle -- belinda carlisle song? >> what happened to her? >> she tragically died. >> no. >> the gogos are playing somewhere. >> she is a delightful woman. >> she is playing somewhere.
12:38 am
>> you pointed out that attenburrow is a vegetarian which makes sense. i agree, but he says we have to limit population growth or the natural world will do it for us and the natural world is doing it for us right now. so why is he opposed to that? >> that is fascinating. if the natural werlgd is doing its best to reduce the population, why is he saying the population growth is out of control? obviously they are doing it well enough if there is that whole thing going on. >> nature will do it harsher. nature will not be gentle. >> the diseases. >> woman born without genitals.
12:39 am
>> we are going to end up like green. that was a paradise i would like to forget. i will milk this joke as far as i can go. >> we should point out when it comes to science, they don't have the best track record in the world. it was david attenburrow who brought dinasaurs back from -- extinction in a theme park. >> they remember. >> phil mickelson doesn't like paying high taxes. greg, it is not estimated mickelson is worth $7 trillion. >> then what is it? >> $150 million. mostly endorsements. >> for playing golf. >> i turned down an endorsement last week. i did. >> what was it? >> a weight loss supplement. >> really? >> why? >> because i am not allowed
12:40 am
and it was insulting. >> the money was no good? >> i can't sit there -- to be in one of the ads when where i hold my jeans out. >> i would endorse anything for money. >> i am not allowed. i am an employee. it was for weight loss. i can't do that. they should have said for like gnc awesome pills. then i would do that. >> what's an awesome pill? >> they are still asking you as a before. that's the problem. >> i want to get a coffee table book called before pictures. >> all sad looking individuals and neanderthals. >> because they are befores. >> you say mickelson chokes every tournament because he has no backbone. actual he he has that reputation. >> i hate phil mickelson. >> all right. >> pab, i agree with you. clearly he didn't mean to be political. he was thinking out loud. his apology was like, i'm
12:41 am
sorry, it is not a subject i should have brought up. it is a personal thing. it shouldn't have been public. >> that's so stupid. it is not like he was talking about something intimate. >> you can hear a super rich guy complaining about money, it could be -- it could piss some people off. >> i think he was speaking his mind and then thought about it and said that might annoy people. not because of the taxes thing, but more because he is super rich from playing golf and people would like to have his life. cry me a river type thing. >> he can't talk about anything anymore, can he? >> no, you have to say you are sorry if somebody might have possibly been disturbed. nobody tells everybody to just shut up. >> what i think it is is the old school rich people who would never talk about money. that is the attitude of saying it is not classy. >> it is in poor taste.
12:42 am
>> one does not speak of religion, money or politics. >> bill, thank you for pointing out that the padres are nicknamed the sabres because of the sabre rattling. >> a lot of people don't know that. >> is that the truth? >> no, not at all. >> but it was a way of getting me out of trouble. >> i like to help out where i can. >> greg, you said muck kill son was on the -- mickelson was on the california tourism board. >> no. he is in a commercial. >> you said he was on the board. >> did i? yes. he was in a commercial with arnold schwarzenegger and maria shriver. >> what was the maid doing? >> she was skulking in the background. >> with her 450-pound baby. >> everything turns out to be not what it seemed in that commercial. >> charles charles manson.
12:43 am
we are all one big family in california. >> i have to go. >> that you do. coming up, it is up to you but i will be waiting for you in the car after the show and i'm sorry about everything. not a story just something to write this morning at our beach house. he won't get over it. but first, our hello kitty -- are hello kitty guns protected by the second amendment? we report you blow bubbles.
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12:46 am
her trouble began with bubbles. a pennsylvania kinder gardener has been suspend editor telling a classmate she would shoot her with a pink hello kitty gun with blows bubbles. the school suspended her for 10 days for issuing a terrorist threat. after a parental protest they reduced it to two days and the incident was dropped to, quote, threatening to harm another student. says the family's attorney, it is laughable. let's discuss in the -- >> lightning rooooouuuunnnnddd d lightning round.
12:47 am
>> what is happening to common sense? the world is going mad. >> greg, i think it was a perfectly logical decision to throw this punk out of school for 10 days. >> why is that? >> because she is obviously a terrorist threat with the hellly hellly -- with the hello kitty gun. everybody has to be treated the same otherwise they might sue. this is perfectly logical. >> this is a real crime that schools are forcing families to blow their money on a lawyer. >> the whole thing is just so ridiculous. the saddest part is this mom wisely tried to get her daughter transferred out of the school. but the school that she wanted to put her in turned her down because she has an allegation of making terrorist threats on her record, the five-year-old girl. she can't even get out of the situation because her whole life is tarnished by this stupid, stupid thing. >> are you fired up, pab. >> you might say we are all living in a bubble.
12:48 am
or you might not say that, i apologize. >> i want you to steam up your outrage glasses. >> oh he is living. >> is this the start of a war on water pistols and adorable ones at that? >> the thing we are not discussing is this is her second warning? she did that beheading video, and i think that was a clear message. >> this is why we need better researchers. i had no idea. >> i am against the beheading. i condemn that. i wouldn't want her in my school. >> no mention of it in our primary source material for this story. that angers me. bill, you are a massive hello kitty fan. what does it do for the brand? more street c re ds? how about this argument? this isn't a gun. i can kind of understand how maybe a boy has something like
12:49 am
a feaux gun. this is is a bubble blower and it is a pink thing they use to spray people with. you don't go to salons and say oh get her out of here. she is holding an air warmer. that's as close to a gun as this is. it is not a gun. it is a bubble shooter. >> it is an air warmer. >> and i worked at a salon for five years. i am offended that you believe that. >> girl, get your head under this air warmer. what are you been doing today? >> i am going to start touching your head with the sharp, .y -- pointy -- >> they are connected and i am going to cut that stuff that is coming out of your skull. >> we have to take a break. don't think of leaving me
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noisy, rebellious music with minor teen delinquents. those who listened to goth and that music got into trouble at that age and age 16. while kids who listen to jazz, classic and pop music stayed out of trouble and those who listened to black eyed peas ate their own feces. >> what? >> yes, they eat their own feces. people listen to maroon 5 eat their own feces and other people's feces. >> oh my gosh! >> and i shut up now. >> i am going to mail them some. >> jim, you were a heavy metal fan at a young age. >> and according to you i should have been listening to black eyed peas and maroon 5. who knew there was a place for me? >> i should have known before making that joke that i came close to the actual reality of jim norton's life. as a pearnt you lis -- as a parent you let your kids listen to authentic tapes of
12:55 am
snuff films. >> angry people listen to angry music. does that mean the angry music causes them to be angry,r were they aping gree and thus attracted to the music? >> the chicken or the egg argument. it could just be that music brings like minded kids together. isn't it true that people who like loud music may be excitable people? >> yes, i suppose so. i always listen to gregorian chance. >> very calming. >> when i was growing up there was a lot of concern about say tannism and -- satanism and stuff like that. it did scare me from that music. >> it did scare me from heavy metal especially judas priest because they are accused of bat masking. those were the days. >> you played it backwards. >> it said satan is king. >> they were all concerned
12:56 am
about the fake ones. but then it inspired bands like that is an awesome idea. >> kenny g tried to do it. >> he kept saying this is actually a perm and everybody is like, what? i thought it was natural. >> you wanted to say something? i saw you look at me. jay no i enjoy looking at you. i enjoy when you talk. >> i enjoy you enjoying me while i talk. >> we can go into a real loop with this. >> here comes the feces. >> we coil -- we will close things up with tv's andy levy.
12:57 am
12:58 am
12:59 am
dismie be back here at 5:00 eastern time for "the five." we have imogen lloyd web -- webber coming up.
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